Punjabi Music Label Geet Mp3 Announces 3 Upcoming Web Series

Punjabi music label Geet Mp3 has officially announced 3 upcoming web series for the year 2021. The first series has been named “500 meter”, second “Lazeez” and the third “Kaka Pardhan”.

  1. 500 meter will star Kartar Cheema in the lead role and the other team consists of screenwriter Gurpreet Bhullar and director Manav Shah.
  2. Lazeez will star Actor Shubhdeep in the lead role and Gurpreet Bhullar is the screenwriter again. Rubal is going to direct the series.
  3. The last series to be announced is Kaka Pardhan which will star Vadda Grewal in the lead. The team also consists of Prince Bhullar, Naveen and Rubal.

The Punjabi film industry has gained worldwide recognition in the past few years. But it is still yet to explore the OTT or the web series department. When somebody says Punjabi web series, “Yaar Jigri Kasooti Degree” is the only notable one that hits the mind. Many other web series have been made but none of them have been able to make a mark on the global platforms.

Geet Mp3 announcing 3 web series all at once is a big and positive news for the Punjabi industry. Let’s hope these web series help the industry to gain recognition in the OTT world too.

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