Qismat 2 Song REVIEW: This Beautiful Sad Romantic Track Is Going To Stab The Ones With Broken Hearts

Qismat 2 Song REVIEW: This Beautiful Sad Romantic Track Is Going To Stab The Ones With Broken Hearts

Song: Qismat 2

Movie: Qismat 2

Artist: B Praak

Lyricist: Jaani

The most awaited track for which the fans were waiting for the last two years is finally out now. Yes, the fans were eager to witness the melody ever since Qismat 2 was announced, because it is a very obvious fact that this too will be coming to us with amazing songs. And we are glad to state that the final journey of Qismat 2 has finally begun with the title track of the movie. 

The song Qismat 2 is penned and composed by Jaani, whereas B Praak has put his blood and sweat into creating the heart winning melody of the song. The song has just been released and we don’t think there is a way out from getting obsessed with it. We have already listened to the song more than 5 times in a loop and we aren’t in the mood to stop any time soon.

Starting with the audio of the song, we must say that we are highly impressed with the efforts of the team. B Praak has really worked in bringing something new and fresh to us. From his vocals, to the music and even the chorus, everything blends so beautifully and creates bliss for not only your ears but soul too. And we cannot ignore the fact that Jaani too has done a commendable job in penning down the absolutely beautiful lyrics for the title track of Qismat 2. But unfortunate is the fact that this song is going to rewind the memories of every individual who has gone through heartbreak. It might get too emotional if in your life you have ever loved someone and couldn’t express or be together. But since music is the best medicine to heal the unseen wounds, we believe this song will also help you accept the reality and get over it soon.

And now, this review is finally heading over towards the aspect of the song which stunned us the most. Yes, we are talking about its video. The video of Qismat 2’s title track features the real life best friend’s trio Sargun Mehta, Ammy Virk and Jaani as the real life characters trapped in a love triangle. Sargun is seen getting married to Jaani, and Ammy Virk is the one left behind. The concept of the video is based and filmed on a set showing the wedding and probably a reception, but what grabbed our attention the most is none other than the very beautiful Sargun Mehta, we’re sorry to say that we can bet that Sargun has never looked as heavenly beautiful as she look in this song. Dressed in a bridal lehenga, with minimal makeup, makes her look so adorable. But her looks couldn’t surpass her perfect expression and acting skills. She had no dialogues, yet she spoke a lot through her teary eyes. 

We can only conclude the review of the song, we can say that this is something that is going to stay with you for a long time and there is no way you cannot fall in love with it. But let us warn you in advance that this song is not going to satisfy you, because after listening to this, you are going to be longing for more and more of the Qismat 2 Playlist. 

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