Rajint Bawa Shared A New Video Taunting The Bollywood Actors

It seems that the farmer protest become a stalemate by the government but on Twitter, it is becoming a hackneyed term. After the tweet of Rihanna and other celebrities from the world, various Indian celebrities also initiated the counter tweets propaganda in favor of the government. This further fueled the fire between Bollywood and Pollywood. Recently the famous Punjabi singer and actor, Ranjit  Bawa ( MITTI DA BAWA) posted a video in which he is applauding the Tikait for his statements and saying about the tweet of Rihanna.

He further continued saying that the use of turban in Bollywood by the actors are used to make a profit. Although the video concluded by a condemning statement that the Bollywood actors are sold in the Chaura Bazar like pajama’s are sold. Check it out

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