“Kalakaar Hi Shaheed, Kalakaar Hi Aa Soorme”: Raka Faces Backlash From Sidhu Moosewala’s Fans Over Controversial Lyrics

Raka Faces Backlash From Sidhu Moosewala's Fan Over Controversial Lyrics

The Punjabi music industry has always been a hub of controversies. Every now and then, there is a new controversy that takes over the internet and grabs everyone’s attention. And the latest Punjabi song ‘Kalakaar’ released by Raka has created the latest and hottest controversy in town. The fans of late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala are badly criticising Raka for allegedly targeting Sidhu Moosewala in his latest song. 

Kalakaar was recently released on YouTube, and the song has gained more than 5 lakh views in 7 days of its release. But something about it definitely did not go well with the true fans and admirers of Sidhu Moosewala. 

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The Moosewala fans believe Raka has indirectly targeted the late singer Sidhu Moosewala in the controversial lyrics of the song. A part of the song’s lyrics says, ‘Kalakaar Hi Shaheed, Kalakaar Hi Aa Soorme, Pata Nahi Kyo Tusi Eh Idol Banaye’, and this line has drawn the attention of many fans of Sidhu Moosewala. They are offended and feel this line is targeted at no one but the legendary artist Sidhu Moosewala. 

Read Kalakaar Song Lyrics Here – Click Here

Actually, the lyrics of the ‘Kalakaar’ song are based on bashing the ‘Ustaad’ culture in Punjabi Music Industry. 

Though Raka has not specifically mentioned the name of Sidhu Moosewala or any singer in the song, Moosewala’s fans are highly disappointed and expressing their outrage against the same on social media. 

Have a look at some comments from the fans of Sidhu Moosewala on the internet; 

The song is continuing to create a buzz on various social media platforms and YouTube. The song has become a hot topic of discussion for various reasons. While the fans of Sidhu Moosewala are expressing their disappointment against the controversial lyrics of the song, on the other hand, Raka is also receiving appreciation from other parts of the internet. 

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Netizens are praising the song ‘Kalakaar’ for its bold lyrics and honestly highlighting the inappropriate Ustaad culture in the Punjabi music industry. Positive comments from fans can be easily found under the song on YouTube. 

Coming back to the controversy, Raka has not released any statement addressing the outrage from the fans of Sidhu Moosewala. The singer is yet to comment on this controversy. 

You can listen to Raka’s latest song Kalakaar here

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