Ranjit Bawa Gives A Sneak Peek Into ‘21vi Sadi 2’, The Next Song From Album LOUD

Ranjit Bawa Gives A Sneak Peek Into ‘21vi Sadi 2’, The Next Song From Album LOUD

Ranjit Bawa is busy entertaining the audience with his latest album ‘Loud’. Two tracks of the album have already been released titled ‘Loud’ and ‘Ghungru’ and both of them have turned out to be huge hits. Now, Ranjit Bawa has given a sneak peek into the third song of the album.

After two banger dance tracks, Ranjit Bawa is back with what he is best known for, a track that talks about issues, real issues! He uploaded a clip of him singing a few lines of the upcoming song on his official Instagram account. Ranjit Bawa is going to collaborate with lyricist Lovely Noor and whenever this duo comes on a track, they are sure to spit some real fire. Nick Dhammu has produced the music for the song.


The track titled ‘21vi Sadi 2’ will talk about the promotion of gun culture in modern Punjabi songs and how it is affecting the youth mentality or the society in general. Almost 7 months ago, the same duo had released a track called ‘21 vi sadi’ and it was very praised by the audience for the honesty in its lyrics. 21 vi Sadi 2 is also going to be a track of the same intensity.

Ranjit Bawa’s album LOUD is turning out to be a real success so far. The two that have been released have both garnered over 15 million and 6 million views on Youtube, respectively. Both the tracks have attracted positive reviews from the audience. Now, Ranjit Bawa is preparing to drift the album a bit with a track like 21 vi Sadi 2 and we are always awaiting such tracks. 

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