Ranjit Bawa Impressed Fans Once Again With Latest Song ‘Fikar Kari Na Ammiye’

Ranjit Bawa is one of the top Punjabi music artists. To this date, each song of his has made a special room in our playlist and they always play at the loop. Every time he releases a new song, he leaves us mesmerized by his euphonic voice.

And now Ranjit Bawa has released his latest song which is winning the hearts of the fans once again. This time his song is giving us a heart-warming experience. The song ‘Fikar Kari Na Ammiye’ is more like his inner conversation with his mother, in which he says, he has believed in his mother’s blessing and good deeds that he will succeed in his life and try not to lose hope even after facing several rejections.

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In addition to this, Bawa is influencing youth to treat their parents with respect and love after reaching heights, as parents had played their part to make them a successful being and now it’s children’s turn to stand beside them.

Here, take a moment and enjoy the song if you haven’t listened to it already.

This exemplary track is composed and sung by Ranjit Bawa, Babbu has penned the amazing lyrics and music is given by Desi Crew. Teji Sandhu choreographed the video and gave it a new angle as a story of a struggling singer.

This song will charge you with new energy to pursue your passion. Hence, it is a recommended song if you are seeking inspiration in your life.  

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