Ranveer Singh To Play Shaktiman In The Upcoming In The Indian Superhero Trilogy?

Shaktiman is the character and the show that made our childhood exciting and there is no-one who can deny the fact that this show marked its place in the industry and fans’ hearts. And that’s exactly why when the news of Shaktiman turning into a feature film was announced recently, it broke the internet. Everyone all around was talking about it and we saw it trending as well. 

And now, a new speculation has suggested that the trilogy might star Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh in the character of Shaktiman. Actually it was a tweet from Comic-Con India in 2018 that stated that Ranveer Singh has signed a 3 movie contract to play Shaktiman on the big screen. And because there was no official confirmation or announcements about the same, people believed that it was just an April Fool Prank and soon this news was lost on the internet. 

And now when the news of the Shaktiman movie is finally out, the fans are not guessing if Ranveer Singh will really play the lead role or if some other leading superstar will be considered for it. But one thing is for sure that the way fans got excited knowing Ranveer might play the lead role, it ensures that the movie might turn out to be a huge hit if Ranveer really transforms into the forever favorite Shaktiman.Talking about more details, Sony Pictures International Productions had acquired the rights of Shaktiman which originally starred Mukesh Khanna in the titular role.

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