Ravi Kishan’s Wife Preeti Files An FIR Against Woman Claiming To Be His Wife And Blackmailing For Money

Aparna Thakur, a woman from Lucknow recently came forward with allegations against actor Ravi Kishan. In a press conference held in Lucknow, she claimed that Ravi Kishan is not accepting his daughter from his second marriage socially and publicly and now, it has been revealed that Ravi Kishan’s wife Preeti Shukla has filed an FIR against Aparna.

The FIR filed late on Tuesday night said that Preeti has alleged that Aparna threatened her and demanded Rs 20 crore.

She said that Aparna Thakur has underworld connections and threatened to implicate the actor in a fake rape case and kill the entire family if he did not pay the money. 

When her demands were not met, she held a press conference in Lucknow and made false allegations against Ravi Kishan. It was also told that Aparna Thakur has been married for 35 years and her husband is Rajesh Soni. She has a 27 year old daughter and 25 year old son. The copy of the FIR has also gone viral.

In the press conference, she said, ‘My name is Aparna and my daughter is the daughter of MP and actor Ravi Kishan, which he is not accepting.’ Aparna also talked about her intention to take legal action in this matter and said, ‘I am also going to court for this.’

Her daughter Shinova also appealed to the Chief Minister by sharing a video, in which it has been requested to give her correct identity and rights to her daughter. Aparna Thakur said that she wanted to avoid involving the police out of concern for Ravi Kishan’s well-being and did not want to harm him.

Giving details about her marriage with Ravi Kishan, she alleged that they got married in 1996 in Malad, Mumbai and she wants him to either formally adopt her daughter or raise her as his own child. Please accept.

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