Read The Article To Know How Sharry Mann Denied Performing Digitally

Read The Article To Know How Sharry Mann Denied Performing Digitally

Desi Gabru of Punjabi Music industry, Sharry Mann has ruled the charts with his songs 3 Peg, Cute Munda, Birthday Gift, Love You and many others. He is one of the talented singers who is ready to set down his market and is here to stay. He made his name with the blockbuster song ‘Yaar Anmulle’ and broke all the records. Sharry is the most talked about names in Punjabi music Industry. 

The singer is well known for his live performances. He is invited not only to India’s event but also to Canada, Australia, America and many other foreign countries. Meanwhile, in one of the interviews, the singer shares his experience about earning money during the pandemic. He never knew that artists can earn money through digital shows until he gets a call from a client. Further, his client told him to perform digitally.

He asked how it could be possible, so they explained that Sharry had to call his team at his house and sing a few songs. He said that this is not his way of performing as in live shows, there’s always communication between audience and singer but this time it’s just him who will sing. So, he denied the offer. 

But afterwards, he reflects his views on this upcoming trend. He says, according to the recent situation it is difficult to perform in live shows so it’s important to change oneself according to the time.

Moreover, Punjabi singer Sharry Mann has made his own unique set in the industry. His songs and acting abilities have taken him to a different level. Also, It’s always a dream of everyone to watch him perform live.

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