Read The Article To Know How Sweetaj Brar’s Mother Struggle After The Demise Of Husband Raj Brar

No matter how much time passes, the death of a parent is something that will always affect a person. Whether a person loses either their mom or dad, whether it was when they were young or much older, the pain of losing them never truly goes away. 

Many celebrities who shared tight bonds with their parents have been open about how painful it is to mourn their loved ones. While death is a part of life, no one really teaches you how to live without those people, like your mom and dad.

One among them is Sweetaj Brar, a Punjabi singer, composer, actress and daughter of Late singer Raj Brar, from Punjab now associated with Punjabi music and film industry. She is now on her way to success.

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But felt sad that she didn’t get the opportunity to share her success with her father. Yet in a very short time she and her family, especially her mother, learned a lesson that they will live with them in something and they’ll forever carry in their hearts.

Once in an interview, Ms Brar speaks about the struggle of her mother which she faced after the death of her husband Raj Brar. Sweetaj let out and said that “I have seen my mother’s struggle and sacrifice very closely and I respect her for what she had done for me and my brother.”

She even said people asked her mother to shift at her parent’s house but my mother denounced and said her children are rooted in this lifestyle now and she will never make us uncomfortable in any situation. After the demise of her father, her mother Balwinder Kaur opens a boutique and works in the Immigration office to feed her children and fulfill their demands. Sweetaj feel blessed and proud to born in this family

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Sweetaj has been a famous face on the Punjabi music front, and now the news of her finally making a Pollywood debut has got the fans excited.

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