Read To Know Why Manmohan Waris Started His Own Music Company

Read To Know Why Manmohan Waris Started His Own Music Company

For a place like Punjab where music and love have been loved since very old times, a musician like Manmohan Waris is made to order. His addictive, sober music on love, emphasis on Punjabi culture, powerful criticism of social evils and musical tributes to the Punjabi literature have all left the native masses craving for more. 

The artist even launched his own music production Plasma Records to showcase the real talent and music of Punjab.

But there’s a very interesting and struggling story behind his company which Waris shared in an interview.

Waris started Plasma records along with his brothers, and since then they have been singing for their own label for the most part. Decade ago they went to music companies like Tips, T-series and many others to launch punjabi singer Kamal Heer but all these top record companies don’t have the idea of the pulse of Punjabi music and they were expected to alter stuff and work according to their notions. Even T-series asked them to sing punjabi songs but it must have a Hindi touch. So Manmohan Waris decides that it is difficult to work according to their own preference without interference. Hence he decided to take risks and invest all his savings and start his own company. This is how they started Plasma records.

Plasma Records has become a well-known record company that releases hit albums. Moreover, Folk singer Manmohan Waris had a great interest in music since his early age and always teaches his younger brothers. He has marked his name not only in Punjab but globally.

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