Russian Woman Unintendedly Killed Husband By Suffocating Him With Her Buttocks

Disputes, arguments and quarrels are the common stories of every household. We all have experienced different and worst kinds of fights around us. But we are sure you haven’t heard of anything like or even near the news we have brought for you today.

Recently it was reported that a Russian woman weighed 225 pounds has unintendedly murdered her husband by suffocating him with her buttocks. 

The news might seem weird to accept the fact that it’s true but it’s going viral on social media.

According to The New York Post, it was reported that Tatyana O. was enjoying drinks with her husband Aidar when they got involved in an argument. 

The argument crossed the limits when Tatyana grabbed her husband on the bed beneath her buttocks. 

She refused to let the man free as he begged for forgiveness. 

This scene even frightened their daughter who ran for help from the neighbors. A woman from their neighborhood even reached the spot but didn’t find it good to intrude in somebody’s personal dispute as she judged the situation as a regular domestic dispute. 

The accused lady finally released her husband when he stopped struggling to get out. This scared his wife and as a result she shook him and shouted at him to wake him up. 

Little did she know that unintendedly but she has killed her husband. 

The medical experts confirmed the man was dead and had died of “asphyxia from blocking the respiratory system as his face was wedged into the mattress, with the woman sitting on his neck, using her legs so he could not lift it.” And this led to murder charges against the woman. 

Initially she was sentenced for imprisonment of 18 months and fined $3,500, but the case is being reinstated again as the accused lady was heavily drunk when the accident took place. 

You can read the entire and detailed report at the below-mentioned link from The New York Post.

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