Satinder Sartaaj Announces Next Single ‘Twajjo’ From The Album ‘Seven Rivers’ Featuring Isha Rikhi

Satinder Sartaaj’s songs are always the perfect fruit of our long wait. The soulful voice is back again with his upcoming song Twajjo. The song will be released with its official video on 15 June. The video will star actress Isha Rikhi in the lead and in the official poster announcement, Sartaaj revealed an interesting fact about the video. The whole video’s been shot in one take.

We all know what a genius musician Satinder Sartaaj is. His thought process is admired by even the biggest Punjabi artists of the industry and he never fails to amaze us. 

Twajjo is a song from the album ‘Dareyayi Trza’aan, Seven Rivers’. The album is a genius poetic admiration by the artist of the Seven Rivers of the ancient Rigvedic times when the region of Punjab was called Sapta Sindhu.  

Twajjo is dedicated to the river Sindh, just like all the tracks and compositions are specially dedicated to the Seven Rivers of ancient Punjab. Beat Minister has taken the responsibility of producing the music. Amarpreet Chhabra has directed the one-take unique video of the song.

Who could have thought of paying tribute to rivers in the form of music but Satinder Sartaaj? He never fails to prove that he deserves every single bit of respect and admiration he gets. Twajjo is surely going to be another beautiful Sartaaj Song. Let’s wait for 15 June to arrive and listen to this admiration of the river Sindh. 

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