Score REVIEW: Arjan Dhillon Sets The Bar High With The First Video From The Album AWARA

Since Arjan Dhillon officially released his 13-song album ‘Awara’, the audience hasn’t rested even for a while. Many have called it the best album of the year and some have even described it as one of the best albums ever in the last few decades. The good thing was that we had only ‘listened’ to the album, the video part was yet to come before the audience and now, we finally have the first music video from the album, Score. It has been released officially under the ‘Brown Studios’ music label.

We had already heard the song and have fallen short of words to describe the level of lyricism Arjan Dhillon has achieved in this album. ‘Score’ is however one of the tracks where the singer doesn’t dive too deep into them. It is more of an enjoyable track and is meant for the youth to just vibe with it. Arjan Dhillon has one of the most unique voices and his singing skills are something that we always neglect. Arjan Dhillon is an amazing vocalist and there are places in the song that just hit that right spot!

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About the music video of the song, the one audience was actually awaiting, it is top-quality. The production level is huge and it can be seen that they’ve spent a hefty amount on this one. Be it the white Ferrari, the aesthetic lighting at the locations, the refining of the video quality, everything has been paid attention to, which has brought out a really good-looking video. 

But what it lacked was a plot to it. We know not every video is meant to have a plot but we were expecting this song to have one. Guess the audience has that liberty to choose what they were expecting though. The video has been directed by Baljit Singh Deo, and his presence is visible in it, not the physical, but the artistic. 

Arsh Heer has also done a great job on the music. When all the artists involved do their best, a track like ‘Score’ is produced. Arjan Dhillon’s album has set an example for the industry. This is what an album should be like! We are now awaiting the videos of other songs from the album. On a personal note, we are very excited about Danabaad, Shama Payia and Hold On music videos.

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