Shahab Ali Reveals About The Deleted Intimate Scenes Between Sajid And Raji In The Family Man 2

The Family Man 2 released on Amazon Prime Video on 4th June, but it’s fever is still high on fans. We binge watched it and are already waiting for season 3. 

Meanwhile, we are also obsessed with various off screen tales and behind the scenes of the series which are equally fascinating. Recently we got to know that there were intimate scenes between Sajid and Raji which were later deleted. The plot of The Family Man 2 gave us various hints in which fans could feel both Raji and Sajid falling for each other. The way they cared for each other and even their eye to eye contact was enough to describe the budding love.

Both Sajid and Raji were terrorists, who were portrayed as cold, heartless who hardly expressed emotions and developed feelings. Hence, falling in love of such heartless characters would have been an icing on the cake.

Recently in an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Shahab Ali who played Sajid Ali revealed that they had shot some intimate scenes of him with Samantha Akkineni (Raji). But the scenes were cut off during the editing process. It was done to keep the series apt, on point and as short as possible. 

He said, ‘We did some suggestive scenes that suggested that they fall in love towards the end. But those scenes were not making sense for the creators, or maybe the platform. So, those scenes were edited out. There are so many scenes edited out, so it is not a big deal. That is the process.”

This 9 episode long series already had a lot to present and we have to agree on the fact that editing was done so amazingly that we didn’t lose interest even for a moment.

If you haven’t watched The Family Man 2, and are finding it difficult to make up your mind. Then our honest review with literally no spoiler might help you out. Have a look;

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