Shipra Goyal Foundation: Shipra Goyal Comes Forward With Her NGO To Help People

Coronavirus has taught the world a lot of things. The most important one of those is surely the value of life. Life cannot be taken for granted, today’s situation has made man realize this. Punjabi singer Shipra Goyal was too hit with this realization.

To help people during this condition of the country in the global pandemic, Shipra Goyal has started her own NGO, Shipra Goyal Foundation.

Shipra Goyal revealed in the announcement post that she was recently admitted to the hospital, and it was the time when life hit her hard. She realized the true value, the delicacy and the unpredictability of human life.

Though she is a fitness freak and very specific about her health, it couldn’t save her. She also added that the hours that she spent in the hospital, she saw people begging and crying for beds.

Hospitals do not have enough space to hold the required number of patients. Completely moved by seeing the current situation of people during these hard times, Shipra decided to play her part in the public welfare and for the very reason, came forward with her NGO.

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