Read To Know Sidhu Moosewala’s Reaction When Drake Followed Him On Instagram

Sidhu Moosewala is the only Punjabi celebrity to be followed by one of the biggest-ever rappers in hip-hop, Drake. Not only is he the only Punjabi, he is also only a handful of the Indians to get a follow by the artist. The whole Punjabi community felt proud when the news spread of Drake following the Punjabi superstar, but what was Sidhu’s reaction on finding out about it?

Sidhu revealed that since he was a kid, he used to listen to rappers like Bohemia and Drake. Being a Torontonian, Sidhu felt a different connection to Drake. He felt as if the artist was representing Toronto at a global level and this was what he, as an artist, wanted to do. 

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When the name Sidhu Moosewala started becoming a household one, Sidhu came to know through some mutual connections that Drake knows about him and even listens to his music. We cannot blame Sidhu for not believing these facts, how can you just believe that the biggest global music icon listens to enjoys Punjabi music! But Sidhu ultimately had to believe this when Drake finally followed him on Instagram.

Sidhu was playing volleyball with his friends when he noticed music producer The Kidd and many of his friends giggling at each other. Curious to know the reason behind the smiles, Sidhu asked them what was the deal. They said that it’s just their normal fun, you carry on with your game. 

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But when Sidhu and The Kidd reached their home, Kidd took out Sidhu’s mobile phone and showed something that completely blew off his mind. ‘Champagnepapi’ (Drake’s Instagram handle) following Sidhu Moosewala. 

This was the time Sidhu Moosewala had realized he was doing something right. He was making the community proud, he was taking the industry to a level it had never been before. Sidhu started believing in the impossible and this very incident changed his mindset and perception for life. And the modern-day Sidhu has to do something with this incident, the man is just unstoppable. 

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