Another Controversy! Sidhu Moosewala Faces Backlash For Live Show During The Days Of Operation Blue Star

Sidhu Moosewala is set to perform live in Gurugram on 4 June. The audience was more than excited to see Sidhu Moosewala perform live in front of them but it looks like the show has brought fresh trouble for the artist. 

Popular Sikh Activist, Papalpreet Singh, who has around 42,500 followers on Instagram, uploaded a post on the platform targeting Sidhu Moosewala for his live show at Gurugram. 1 June to 10 June, 1984, marked the Operation Blue Star at Sri Harmandir Sahib.

Sidhu Moosewala is about to perform in Gurugram on 4 June, which falls on the same days as that of Operation Blue Star 1984. It was a military operation carried out in Punjab in 1984, with the purpose of deriving Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale out from the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

The Sikh community views the operation as a black mark on their history and pays tribute to the martyrs of the incident, every year in the first week of June. Papalpreet Singh took a shot at Sidhu Moosewala for conducting a live show during the same days. Sharing a picture of the show announcement, he wrote “4 June 1984 was the day when Sikh community was attacked on its chest and Sidhu Moosewala is going to dig deep into our wounds by celebrating the day”.

Shortly after the post, Sidhu Moosewala uploaded an Instagram story. It did not specifically mention to whom it was addressed, but the audience believe that it is a reply to the accusations made by Papalpreet Singh. Sidhu wrote that one should spread more positivity rather than telling others what to do and what not to. He also added that before speaking ill of others, one should check themselves first. 

“Baba Nanak G Ne Sada Dharam Sadi Kirat Nu Mannya, Te Tuc Ohna To Utte Nhi”, wrote Sidhu Moosewala. Last year too, Sidhu Moosewala received backlash for downing a post regarding the same from his Instagram. He had also postponed many of his songs from Moosetape, to pay tribute to the martyrs.

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