Sidhu Moosewala Talks About His Beef With Sunny Malton In Instagram Live, Byg Byrd Replies

Sidhu Moosewala recently came live through his Instagram account and talked about various issues, beefs and announcements. The part that highlighted was his talks about Sunny Malton and Byg Byrd.

Sidhu talked about Sunny Malton apologizing to him for all the controversy and drama. Both artists were a team together for the longest time but broke up due to their personal issues. The things that followed surrounded both the artists with controversies and it felt like the things between the two would never be solved.

Finally, Sunny Malton made a phone call to Sidhu, apologizing for everything. Sidhu, in turn, accepted the apology saying that Sunny is his brother and he does not hold any negativity or grudges for him. Although Sidhu gave a hint that he doesn’t like working again with people he once gets involved in a spat with, but one thing is for sure, the two artists do not hold grudges for each other. 

Sidhu had also talked about his music producer The Kidd in the live, calling him not just his music producer but his younger brother. He said that he values relationships a lot more than his work and for the reason, always chooses The Kidd over any other producer. He also added that The Kidd would even stand under the sun for him. 

Sidhu’s old associates, Byg Byrd, uploaded a couple of stories on his Instagram account, which felt like shots backfired at Sidhu. 

Byg Byrd used to be the major music producer for Sidhu during the initial stage in his career, but the two broke up during the Brown Boys-Sidhu Break up.

The artist surely cleared many things in the live. And most importantly, cleared the air around his equation with Sunny Malton. 

Watch that IGTV live here:

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