Sidhu Moosewala’s MooseTape Trending On Twitter

Moosetape is all everyone in the industry is talking about right now. Just a day to go and Moosetape will be officially released on Spotify, finally. But Sidhu fans cannot let Moosetape’s release be so common.

They want to make it special and have chosen to trend the hashtag on Twitter to celebrate the eve of the Moosetape release.

With large amounts of tweets being posted with #Moosetape, it started trending on Twitter in the whole country. 

People have been waiting for months for the grand release. And their enthusiasm is on cloud nine when the release is finally just a day away. Moosetape is Sidhu Moosewala’s most important project to date. The artist aims at hitting the Billboard charts with the album and making history.

With international collaborations in the album, the motive of the album is clear, making Sidhu Moosewala an international name and taking Punjabi music to all-time great heights.

Sidhu even shared various posts through his social media, guiding the listeners about how to take the album to world charts and Billboard. The hype around Moosetape is huge, and #Moosetape trending on Twitter is a testimony of it.

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