Sidhus Of Southall Movie Review – Sargun Mehta Shines In Quirky Comedy Drama

StarcastSargun Mehta, Ajay Sarkaria, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Iftikhar Thakur, BN Sharma, Amar Noorie, Joty Kaur, Jatinder Kaur
DirectorNavaniat Singh
Kiddaan Rating

Sihdus Of Southall, a new punjabi comedy film that was one of the most awaited movies of recent times finally made its debut on the big sceeen. The movie stars Sargun Mehta, Ajay Sarkaria and Prince Kanwaljit Singh in lead roles. We have watched the movie and written this Sidhus Of Southall movie review for you.

Sidhus Of Southall is directed by prolific filmmaker Navaniat Singh. The movie features a talented supporting cast that includes Iftikhar Thakur, BN Sharma, Amar Noori, Joty Kaur, Jatinder Kaur and ensemble. Read this Sidhus Of Southall movie review to know what this movie is offering.

Story & Screenplay

Story of Sidhus Of Southall revolves around a financially crippled and bizzare punjabi family who tries to get rid of a corpse, Which fell on their side when one of their own family members hit Kartar with a bottle to save herself. What and how things happen in their hilarious mission is what this movie is all about.

Movie’s story is very unique and we loved how it is narrated. Story in the middle seems going off-track but because of an engaging and hilarious screenplay, the film manages to do well.

Acting & Performances

After the story, let’s talk about the acting and performances of the film in our Sidhus Of Southall movie review. So beginning with the leading lady of the film – Sargun Mehta, what a perfomance she delivered, simply outstanding. Her transitions were top notch. We loved every bit of her performance in the film.

What one can say about Prince Kanwaljit Singh, he is such a great asset for any filmmaker, who just lifts the level of the film with his presence only. Apart from some scenes, Prince KJ appeared on the screen as a corpse and even his smiling face look was enough to make people laugh like mad.

Ajay Sarkaria also played his role of Rajveer decently. Actually he is the one who brought the much needed romantic touch to film.

Apart from them BN Sharma, Iftikhar Thakur, Amar Noori and Jatinder Kaur were very hilarious in their respective roles. One can simply call it a perfect team performance where every actor was looking to overshadow others.

Writing & Direction

Movie is written very nicely or we can say hilariously. Direction wise Navaniat Singh once again delivered a decent family entertainer. The way Navaniat managed this supremely talented star cast is a commendable job. Our only concern with the movie is its length and the times where it seems to be going off track. Other than that everything is done very nicely.

Music & Dialogues

Movie features only a few songs that actually were not very groovy. However we really loved the song Deedar by Akhil. Not the songs but the movie certainly features many hilarious and riba tickling dialogues. Audience went crazy on some dialogues like ‘Haayo Rabba Tera Chakeya hoya banda vi chakeya gya’ and ‘mare bande di kahton sau khana avdi maa di kha’.


Concluding this Sidhus Of Southall movie review with our final words for this film. So Sidhus Of Southall is a very hilarious family entertainer that doesn’t bore you at all. Team Kiddaan rates Sidhus Of Southall 4 stars out of 5. The deduction in ratings is only due to its length and a de-railed middle. However, Sidhus Of Southall is one of the most unconventional and quirky comedy films of all time, so if you are a fan of Sargun Mehta or love Punjabi comedy films just go and watch Sidhus Of Southall…

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