Sikh Cartoon Character Featured In The Book ‘Hugs To Grandma’ By Kraft Peanut Butter

Sikh Cartoon Character Featured In The Book ‘Hugs To Grandma’ By Kraft Peanut Butter

A book by the Kraft Peanut Butter has shown an amazing gesture by featuring a sikh cartoon character in one of its books. The book named ‘Hugs To Grandma’ has a chapter that features a patka wearing Sikh character in it.

The book is located in the Alberta region of Canada and we all know the dominance of Punjabis in Canada. It is good to see that the Punjabi and Sikh community has also started making their presence in Canadian culture and works. 

This storybook was released by Kraft in the winter holidays of last year, 2020, and was created by The Kitchen with the PR support from the Colony Project. It chronicles the story of two teddy bear mascots Crunchie and Smoothie, who are helping a boy and his grandmother to stay together over the winter holidays. 

This is not the first time that a sikh character has made it to a foreign piece. The official trailer of an animated movie called ‘Turning Red’ was released almost a month ago. The trailer surprised everyone because of its portrayal of a Turban-wearing Sikh character in it.

A sikh character played the role of a security guard in the movie’s trailer and the audience was shocked at the level of detailing to the character. He was wearing a turban and the makers even added a ‘Kara’ to the character, to make it as authentic as possible.

Famous animated Tv series, Arthur, was also praised for the portrayal of a Patka-wearing Sikh character in it. And now, a sikh character has been featured in the book ‘Hugs To Grandma’. All these gestures help in expressing and promoting international unity and solidarity among various religions, ethnicities, communities, people and more.

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