Sikh Student Reportedly Bullied, Turban Knocked Off At American School

A rather disturbing incident has come into the light where a Sikh student has been bullied in school premises of Whiteland and had his turban knocked off. Reports suggest that the school is brushing it under the rug and saying that this was just “teenager stuff”.

Not only this, the bully also made several videos and took them to their social media handle.

These pictures went viral all over the social media and people started lashing out at the Whiteland school and demanding for justice and immediate change in the system. People from India and outside the country extended their concern towards this issue.

The incident took place at Whiteland Community High School, Whiteland. Moreover, the person who has been assaulted is also suspended from the school. Also, not one but another incident has taken place at the same institution.

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Moreover, this is not the first time any Sikh student has been assaulted in an international school. Earlier many incidents have been reported where Sikh children in American schools have been punched, kicked, bullied, and have had their turbans ripped off by fellow students. Some have even had to face abuses like “Go Home Terrorist“. The Sikh Community all over the world has expressed their concerns on the increasing hate crimes against sikhs at America and elsewhere.

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