Sikh Teens Faced A Racist Attack In Whitman Shops In Huntington Station, The US

Image Source: NBC New York (Representational Only)

The cases of harassment of Indians in foreign countries are often in the news.  from Huntington Station, New York, US. 

It has been reported that two sikh teen boys were attacked and harassed by a group of students in Whitman Shops. The victims are Chazbir Bedi Singh, 13 and Yuvraj Bindra, 13. 

Chazbir revealed that he was punched in the face and stated,

“It doesn’t matter who we are, what you look like,” he said. “You may be targeted for anything. I certainly don’t want to see my classmates at school being hurt for what they look like and how they’re different.”

The boys were accompanied by their father who stated that he and his wife dropped off the boys at the Mall. 

At the mall, the boys were harassed for their religious beliefs and wearing Patka. The accused group of teenagers was threatening them and also using religious slurs to harass them. 

In an interview, the boys explained that they tried to walk away and avoid the possible dispute. But the group continued to follow them. While explaining what exactly happened, 13 year old Chazbir stated,

“And I turn around … and little do I know this kid is about to punch me. He walks up, he jumps in front of me and he hits me with a closed fist on the left side of my face.”

Yuvraj’s father, Saranjit Bindra said,

“This was not just one comment that sometimes kids make and forget about it. They actually stalked them for some time, an hour or so, and actually punched one of our kids and another kid actually recorded it … Making people aware of this will definitely put some pressure on them from the sense this is not the right behavior.”

The Suffolk Hate Police and Detectives are investigating this recent attack. For now no statement for their arrest has been released officially.

Source: NBC New York

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