Simi Chahal Who Battle PCOS, Pens Down Her Journey And Shares Her PCOS Diet

Simi Chahal Who Battle PCOS, Pens Down Her Journey And Shares Her PCOS Diet

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a common problem affecting 1 in 5 women. Yet, there’s not a lot of awareness about the disease and it’s only fairly recently that we are seeing the conversation pick up on social media. Actress Simi Chahal is one, opening up about her long battle with PCOS.

Simi who has been very vocal about her struggle with weight gain has been suffering from PCOS since 2020. In fact, there was a point in her life when she was put on birth control pills.  The actress motivates everyone to read and acquire some knowledge on PCOS. As not only girls or women have to face this but also men must be aware and care for their partners, lovers, sisters or friends. 

“I am only posting all this here today because i feel we need more awareness about PCOS. Both women and men should know about this.Women coz it’s their body and men; coz well you guys need to help your lovers, partners, daughters, sisters and friends to get through these awful times! Please do your research. Read about it, get tested for it. Get your hormones tested. If your mind/body is behaving unusually, it is for a reason. Please be aware! I don’t want you girls to repeat my mistakes. Take it seriously and work on it.”

She told about her journey and her experience which she goes through.

She posted a series of pictures and in an inspiring post on Instagram, Simi candidly spoke up about the many symptoms and signs of PCOS that impacted her life.

While Simi has managed to have her weight in control, she still struggles with hormonal imbalance and PCOS. However, she has managed to find her way through and focuses on holistically improving her health after years of rummaging through fad diets, medicines and workouts. 

Continuing with her earlier story, Simi, who is known to follow a super healthy lifestyle (take a look at her Instagram feed, if you must!) shared a sneak peek about her cheat meals. It is true that Punjabis cannot ditch dairy products, so she said along with a healthy diet. She sometimes has cheat meals twice or thrice a month.

Adding that she consulted several doctors before finalizing on one diet, Sonam recommended women to get a proper diagnosis, without self-medicating.

“I only shared all of this because i want to help as many women as i can through my personal experience. All our bodies are different from one another’s, the severity of the PCOS could be different as well. So i would definitely suggest every girl/woman going through this to visit the best Nutritionist/Doc around you, who has specialized in PCOS. Please never take birth control/hormone pills (atleast not without knowing the details of them) CHANGE your lifestyle, Eat mindfully, do some PCOS friendly exercises ! And see the magic happenHave a beautiful healthy life”

We really thank the actress, who took this initiative and openly shares her story. It not only helps a few but many people who read her post. 

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