Singer Guru Randhawa Schools Media Sources Writing Bogus About Him

Punjabi Singer Guru Randhawa recently uploaded a post on his official instagram which apparently was directed towards all the people making false claims about him. The star described himself as being the same after success as he was before, the only difference is that some people wish for his downfall now.

Fame and Recognition is not a complete white book. It comes off with plenty of disadvantages and celebrities go through a lot everyday when they become famous. The lives’ of stars and celebrities become an easy target for media, fans, haters and everybody. People want to know what their favorite celebrities are doing every second of the day, and the media prints what the people need.

We as an audience forget that everybody has the right to keep his personal life private, whether a common man or a celebrity. Guru explains the same in his post, at these times when he is being surrounded by a lot of issues already, people writing anything about him regardless of facts, makes him question them.

He requests everybody that he too has a family and everything written about him, does not affect only him, but a lot of people connected to him.

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