Singer Prem Dhillon In Yet Another Controversy Due To His Song Prahune With Amrit Maan

Punjabi music industry is a beehive of controversies. Everyday we hear about a new controversy in the industry between various artists. And this time Singer and songwriter Prem Dhillon is the reason. On 29 March, Prem Dhillon dropped his very awaited track Prahune with singer and songwriter Amrit Maan.

Prem and Amrit fans were very excited for the song and appreciated the song but apparently it disappointed some other artists. Singer and writer Gur Chahal uploaded a story on his instagram taking a dig at the song and the artist.

It felt like Gur chahal did not receive the lyrics of the song well. As his story clearly shows he is very disappointed with Prem’s new song. Otherwise the song has already hit the 1 million mark even before 12 hours after its release.

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