“Snitches get stitches” Striked on Youtube! Brownboys take the blame.

Well that’s what happens when friends turn enemies.

We kept you informed on Brown Boyz and Sidhu Moosewala controversy which started with leaking teaser of MY BLOCK by Bygbyrd on his official Instagram handle.

Well here is the latest update on the ongoing controversy, where BrownBoyz striked “Snitches get stitches” album from Sidhu Moosewala’s official youtube channel because they weren’t paid for two songs GOAT and PITTAL in an album released sometime back on youtube.

Sharing this on Instagram Bygbyrd wrote:

This is for gold media who put strikes on our songs (that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM), so we have now put strike on “snitches get stitches” album since we did contribute to the album and didn’t get paid for it. STOP STRIKING OUR SONGS and we will stop striking yours. Thank you. #StillBrownBoys #BrownBoysForever #Goat #Pittal


Adding to this rapper Sunny Malton of BrownBoys posted this story on his Instagram handle.

This controversy has turned ugly and you can expect a reply from Sidhu Moosewala and Gold Media anytime.

Talking about Sidhu he just got bail from the court on ongoing shooting FIRs. He also announced his collab song “BAMBIHA BOLE” with Amrit Maan:


We will keep you posted on the matter!

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