Sonakshi Sinha Voices A Powerful Narration For A Farmers Protest Awareness Video

78 days, it’s been 78 days since the feeder of the country is on the borders of the capital city of India in biting cold, exercising their democratic right to protest against the three agricultural laws enacted by the central government. Great things have happened in this long ongoing journey of 78 days. More than 10 rounds of inconclusive talks, media claiming the protesters to be terrorists not farmers, Khalsa Aid is a terrorist organization, fingers raised on from where do these people get funding, global celebrities supporting the cause, bollywood and cricketers remaining quiet on the protests but bursting out to explain tweets by foreign celebrities as an “attack on nation’s sovereignty”, deaths of farmers, deaths of policemen, long clashes between the both and much more. But there’s still no visible end to protest.

While most of the bollywood remained quiet for most of the part and only asked the country to “stay together” when Rihanna’s tweet ‘why aren’t we talking about this (farmer’s protest)’ posted a threat to the country’s democracy, bollywood actor, Sonakshi Sinha has paid her tribute to the farmers of the country in an emotional poetic narration. The actress titles the itv video uploaded on her official instagram account as ‘Nazarein Milake, khud se poocho – kyun?’ (Look into your eyes and ask yourself, why?). The video beautifully asks the public, why do we enjoy the food grown by these farmers but hate them for fighting for their own meal?

Sonakshi Sinha is an Indian actress, who’s been featured in various bollywood blockbusters like Dabangg trilogy, Mission Mangal, Rowdy Rathore etc. Her support to the protest in these sensitive times is a huge positive sign to the farmers fighting for their rights in the capital city.

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