Story Of Sharry Maan’s Yaar Anmulle And 100 Missed Calls

Our Gabru Jawan – Sharry Maan is a playback singer, lyricist, actor and vocalist. Also known as Surinder Singh Maan is famous among young generation for his hit songs and his acting skills. Maan started his career with his debut song Yaar Anmulle and there has been no stopping him since then.

In an interview, Sharry shared the story of making of Yaar Anmulle song. It all started when Sharry was looking for ways to release his song and an old friend of his from Australia, told him about an online platform named Youtube. Unaware of the same and due to lack of resources at the time, Sharry decided to go to a cyber cafe for help.

Even for the people working at the cafe, youtube was a new thing for them but a guy there decided to help him and asked Sharry to bring about 200 photos of him and his friends so that they can prepare a slideshow in the form of a video. And with the help of his friend and the cafe guy, the song was uploaded.

After the song was uploaded, Sharry started receiving missed calls in the morning. First day it was 4, the next it was 8 and within 2-3 days the number reached to 100 missed calls. That was the time,Maan realized that his song had gone viral and really appreciated by the foreigners (not in India yet because Youatube was new in India) and hence his journey as an artist began.

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