Sukh-E Deactivates His Instagram Account, What’s Cooking?

Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz has suddenly disappeared from Instagram. The artist, all of a sudden, deactivated his Instagram account and fans were left in shock to not see his account anymore on the social media platform. 

Instagram has become an important part of every artist’s career. All the important announcements, new details regarding the latest projects and even little details about one’s life are shared over it. It is by far the most engaging platform and has become a necessity for every celebrity to connect with fans. 

The sudden disappearance of Sukh-E from the social media platform has left everyone in question. People are making guesses, some believe that it might be related to an upcoming project, while some connect it to the celebrity’s peace of mind. 

The celebrities remain in the public eye for their whole life, sometimes they can take a break from social media to spend time with their families, or just take a normal break. This is also been sighted as a reason behind the deactivation. The real reason hasn’t yet been revealed. No information has been revealed by the artist or his associates or his friends and family. 

We just hope that he’s gone from the platform on a temporary basis and for good reasons, because we cannot wait to see him back, connecting with us all over again. 

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