Sweetaj Brar Gets Emotional After Censor Board Refuses To Certify Her Debut Film ‘Moosa Jatt’

Sweetaj Brar Gets Emotional After Censor Board Refuses To Certify Her Debut Film ‘Moosa Jatt’

Censor Board has denied permission to release Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala and Sweetaj Brar’s debut movie Moosa Jatt, the makers take the International route. Recently, Sidhu Moosewala speaks on the ban of the film where he says the movie’s been banned because it supported farmers and also it was his first-ever film. Also the same issue happened when he released his first song.

Sidhu Moosewala Speaks Up After His Film Moosa Jatt Fails To Acquire Certification From Censor Board

Now, Sweetaj Brar who is the daughter of late artist Raj Brar comes forward and speaks about the ban of her debut film. When she got to know about the news, she was shocked and said there are no bad scenes, not even a nasty character, it doesn’t even deliver the wrong message to public. Moosa Jatt has all the elements which a great film needs. She further added that she will not blame the censor board, maybe they found something unfair which seems normal to us. The actress gets emotional while speaking but feels blessed as her family and friends supported her during this tough time.

Also, producer of the film Rrupaali Gupta says, “Censor Board has verbally told us what they found conflicting in the film but changing or deleting those scenes will tamper with the story and what it stands for.” 

Further, the movie was supposed to be releasing worldwide on October 1 but it won’t be releasing in India. Now let’s see what happens next. Will makers change the scene or the film will release on OTT Platforms. 

Sidhu Moosewala’s Moosa Jatt Delayed In India, Fails To Obtain Certification From Censor Board

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