Tegi Pannu’s Schedule Crosses 15 Million Streams On Spotify

Tegi Pannu is undoubtedly one of the most talented newcomers in the Punjabi Music Industry. In a span of just a year, he’s given so many hits that he’s established himself as a successful singer in the industry. ‘Schedule’ still remains one of his career bests and the song that introduced him to the masses. The popularity of the song can be ascertained by the fact that it has surpassed 15 million streams on Spotify!

Tegi Pannu clicked a picture posing alongside the award to him for surpassing 15 Million streams. He uploaded a couple of stories on his official Instagram account.

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By crossing the 15 Million Streams mark on Spotify, it has become one of the most popular Punjabi songs on the platform. Spotify is the leading streaming platform in the world and a Punjabi song by a newcomer passing 15 Million mark is a big deal. Tegi Pannu even received an award specially sent to him by Spotify congratulating him for the achievement.

Schedule was released on 20 August, 2021 on Youtube and other streaming platforms. It features Tegi Pannu as the vocalist, who also wrote the song along with Amanpreet Singh. Skylake created the unique music video for the song. It was released under the music label, Collab Creations. Mani Sandhu produced the music for the track. 

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Not only did the song become one of the most trending songs of 2021, but it helped in introducing Tegi Pannu in the industry as a singer. With songs like Into You and Fully Loaded to his name, Tegi Pannu is the artist that holds immense potential and could do wonders in the coming times.

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