The Chosen One Review: Diljit Dosanjh Finally Releases The Moon Child Era Intro And ‘He’s Blooming’

Diljit Dosanjh is finally going to release the most awaited project of the year, album Moon Child Era and a glimpse of it has been unveiled by the artist in the intro ‘The Chosen One’ released today. The audience had been awaiting this album for so long due to the immense hype around it and the day is finally here!

This is by far one of the most unique intros of an album ever in the Punjabi music industry. It has been made by ‘VeryGoodBudapest’ and  the soul-warming background music has been produced by ‘Modern Biology’. Diljit Dosanjh is looking to hit international with this album, as the whole intro has been done in english. San Dosanjh has translated the words for the audience and it also has Punjabi subtitles for the viewers. 

The concept of the video is so unique in itself that it cannot be put into words. Diljit defines this album as a new beginning, a new era for him, a ‘Moon Child Era’. ‘I am Blooming’ were the words constantly chanted by Diljit in the intro and it seems to hint that Diljit will be seen in a completely new avatar of himself in this album.

Diljit also expresses his feelings towards music as a force in his life. He feels grateful that ‘Music’ has chosen him for this purpose, the title of the album probably got derived from the line. He describes music as magic, real magic, a magic that the artist’s been intoxicated with but is still fully aware of. 

This intro has made a statement that Diljit is unique, this intro is unique and the album Moon Child Era is going to be unique. The intro was worth every second of wait and it feels like the album is going to have an equally surprising yet beautiful musical ride.

Watch the official intro here :

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