The Internet Mourns The Death Of Dr. Deepa Sharma In The Himachal Landslide

Dr. Deepa Sharma from Jaipur, Rajasthan is one among 9 tourists who got killed by the landslides in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. Life is so cruel sometimes, believe the netizens who are saddened by this unfortunate incident. The netizens are mourning the death of Dr. Deepa Sharma who had come on her first solo trip to celebrate her 38th birthday on 29th July. 

She was continuously posting pictures of her from the trip. It looked like she was enjoying the trip to the fullest as she shared pictures of perfect beautiful mornings and enjoying the flow of rivers. 

These pictures are making the people even more emotional and saddened. But a picture is especially going viral on various social media platforms. In this picture, Deepa is seen posing at ‘Last point of India’. 

Her family and close ones are in shock and extreme pain. Talking about this unfortunate accident, Deepa’s brother Mahesh Kumar Sharma tweeted,

My sister deepa Sharma going for spiti tour on her upcoming 38th birthday on 29 July. She was very happy for this planned trip. She purchased new professional camera and new smartphone for it. She love nature and now my sister die in the lap of nature.may her soul rest in peace.”

Team Kiddaan pays its heartiest condolences for the families of the deceased. We are praying for their souls. 

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