The Real Face Behind Chellam Sir | A Tough Competitor Of Google India

Have you ever met a stranger with whom you’ve only spent 15 minutes of your life but they already feel like the best person you’ve ever met. Yes, that’s who Chellam Sir is. And that is why he is all over the internet. 

With less than 15 minutes of on-screen time, Chellam Sir did what some characters are unable to do in the whole 10-episode long series, winning the people’s hearts. The love that this Tamil Character in the series has got from the whole country has also made another statement about this country, it’s unity in diversity is not a mere book-line. So who actually is Chellam Sir? 

Chellam Sir is a character in the newly released Amazon Prime’s Family Man Season 2, played by Uday Mahesh, a Tamil film actor. This character made him a National social-media star from a regional celebrity. Chellam Sir is The Mr. Know-It-All. His valuable information helps the protagonist Srikant, played by Manoj Vajpayee, execute his plans. His information store has led the country to declare him as an official replacement for Google Search Engine. 

Uday Mahesh is a Tamil actor and director. He had his directing debut with the movie ‘Naalai’. He is most famous for the portrayal of the character Vishwanathan in the Star series Office. The character received applause from the audience and various accolades.

Art is the way to everyone’s hearts. Uday Mahesh has proved it through his character Chellam Sir. The character didn’t even have a screen-time of 15 minutes, and despite being a Tamil, he became a nationwide sensation. All because of his wonderful artistry.

In the end, we can say this to Chellam Sir for helping Srikant:


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