The Reason Behind Rejection Of ‘The Family Man’ By Manoj Bajpayee Three Times Will Shock You

One of the most versatile and award-winning actors, Manoj Bajpayee, has marked his name in the Film Industry. With films like ‘Satya’, ‘Shool’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Aiyaary’ to his credit, the actor has managed to win our hearts with his acting prowess. But did you know that Manoj had earlier rejected the role of Srikant Tiwari?

From the reports of ScoopWhoop, Speaking at a panel discussion on the sidelines of India’s ongoing International Film Festival (IFFI), Bajpayee said the series came to him when he was flooded with offers from various digital platforms. Still, he was afraid to take them up as he saw the content confined to a “template” on the web.

“I was pretty afraid because somewhere, I was reluctant to be part of the template which I could see forming on the OTT platform. I was not clear as to what I wanted to be part of, but definitely, I was very clear about what I never wanted to be part of. At that time, a few of the series garnered quite a lot of curiosity and excitement from the audiences, but at the same time, there was a template that makers were following, which included blood, gore and pistols”, Bajpayee said

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He further told about how he prepared for the role, “We are the middle class. We don’t need to (draw a) reference, and we are the reference. I don’t have to go to someplace to observe Srikant Tiwari. I have to look within myself and find Srikant Tiwari. I have to look at my father’s life, my brother’s life or my neighbour’s life, and Srikant Tiwari is everywhere.”

When speaking about he prepare the role. There’s very interesting tale to told in the interview, 

 “They are the people who are travelling in the trains every day at five o’clock in the morning, reaching their offices and then going back to their respective homes. All of them are Srikant Tiwari. They are the references, and I have too many experiences. So leading a middle-class life has helped me in creating Srikant Tiwari.”

Hence, after so many rejections, ‘The Family Man’ has become a game-changer in Manoj Bajpayee’s life.

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