This Gym Video Of 63 Year Old Yograj Singh Is All The Motivation You Need To Get Fit

Motivation for Gym is something that we all fight for. All of us make plans to start the gym on Monday but end up being the lazy us we’ve always been. But, Yograj Singh is here to serve as the perfect motivation for each one of us. The 63 year old recently posted a reel of himself working out on his official Instagram handle.

It is impossible to believe the man in the video is 63 years old and has a 40 year old son. Yograj Singh can be seen doing curls in the Gym and he undoubtedly looks in great shape. With Gurnam Bhullar’s ‘Jatt’ playing in the background, the reel acts as the perfect motivation for each one of us to hit the gym and be concerned about our health.

Along with being one of the finest actors, Yograj Singh is also one of the fittest actors of his age in the industry. He has been praised by the audience on numerous occasions for having maintained his health even at 63 years of age. A normal person at 63 cannot even think of getting up to go to the gym but Yograj Singh is built different.

The reel has been doing rounds over social media and the public cannot get over it. And not to forget about the caption of the reel ‘The body achieves what the mind believes’. The quote by Napoleon Hill is the perfect caption of Yograj Singh’s motivational reel and sums it up perfectly.

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