Tokyo Olympics: INOX Offers Lifetime Free Movie Tickets to Indian Medalists

Tokyo Olympics: INOX Offers Lifetime Free Movie Tickets to Indian Medalists

After winning medals in Olympics at the highest level, the brands which are coming in to support and offer free stuff to the athletes this time around are certainly winning the hearts of fans across the nation. While it is not uncommon to see athletes getting the much-deserved honour.

We all know Dominos announced that it will provide free pizza for life to silver medalist Mirabai Chanu a while ago. But yesterday, the Multiplex chain and official sponsor of the Indian Olympic Team, INOX Leisure Ltd which is one of the leading multiplex operators in India made an amazing announcement that it will give free cinema tickets to all the medal winners.

The official statement read that INOX will also provide free tickets for 1 year to all the Indian athletes who are representing India at the Tokyo Olympics.

Speaking about the announcement, Alok Tandon, Chief Executive Officer – INOX Leisure Ltd said, “All Indian Olympians personify grit, determination, hard work and resilience. They are the truest depictions of the outstanding spirit of Olympics, which comprehends togetherness, collaborations and outstanding teamwork. This is why, we believe that regardless of the results, everything about Olympics and Olympians instills a sense of pride, which no other sporting event can generate. We are immensely grateful to our athletes for giving us these moments of pride, and wish to gratify them in our very own way. This mere gesture from us exemplifies our emotion of gratitude towards each of our stellar athletes.  With a lot of pride, we would like to welcome each and every athlete to our cinemas and allow us to pamper them with our exceptional cinema viewing experience across all our cinemas in the country.”

The athletes will be able to benefit from the gestures across any INOX multiple in the country in any format and for any movie. Moreover, INOX currently manages 153 multiplexes with 648 screens in 69 cities.

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