Truth Behind Bilal Saeed’s Viral Video Showing Him Beating A Woman

Bilal Saeed is a Punjabi Singer who is known for his superhit track Baari with Pakistani singer Momina Mustehsan. But currently he is in highlights because a video has gone viral in which Bilal is seen beating a woman.

The video is going viral on social media platforms and people are confused about the reasons and facts behind it. But recently, Bilal shared a video on his official Facebook page and exposed his side of the story too.

In the video, he shows his house which is in not so good condition, as the furniture and glasses are broken, beds torn and other stuff spread on the floor. 

In the caption, Bilal also shared his justification as he wrote,

“I know how to respect a women and I know how to protect a women too! I raised my hand to protect my family.This is what they did to me while I was away from my house! And that’s not about it I have been victim of their blackmailing and unfair behaviour for a very long time! I stayed quite because obviously as an artist my priority is my career but these people have been taking advantage of my situation for a very long time!”

For now the identity of the people in the video is not revealed. Neither anybody knows what was the reason behind this quarrel. There might be some more details on the case on the way, which we will surely update you with.

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