Two Friends Separated In Partition 1947, Get Reunited After 74 Years At Kartarpur Corridor

Kartarpur Corridor’s opening has not just been the reason for the Sikh pilgrims’ happiness but also went on to be a bridge for the people of two countries. An emotional yet happy incident of the reunion of the friends took place at the Kartarpur Corridor recently. 

Sardar Gopal Singh, 94, from India’s Amritsar and Muhammad Bashir, 91, from Pakistan’s Narowal rejoined each other at Guru Nanak’s birthday in the Gurdwara Sahib of Kartarpur. 

Sardar Gopal Singh went to cross the border to visit and perform religious rites at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib while Muhammad Bashir also visited the gurdwara as a visitor from Pakistan. 

According to Pakistan’s ‘Dawn’, Gopal and Bashir met at the Gurdwara and shared hugs with each other with moist eyes as they saw each other after a long gap of 74 years. Both Bashir and Gopal were in their teens in 1947 and they used to visit Baba Guru Nanak’s Gurdwara and then they used to have lunch and have tea together. 

Both the nonagenarian friends were filled with emotions and rejoiced their old youth days when they used to share good bonds and used to play with each other before they were separated because of the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. 

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People all around at Kartarpur Corridor too enjoyed the emotional reunion of both the friends after 74 years and were pleased with this heart-warming story. After the emotional meet-up and religious rites, Gopal returned to India in the evening. 

The heart-warming story caught social media’s attention and people started posting their heartening feelings through their posts.

Kartarpur Corridor was closed in March 2020 because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and was opened two days ahead of Gurupurab 2021 which cherished all the pilgrims and gave them a reason to celebrate Guru Nanak’s birthday. 

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