Ucha Pind Movie Review: The Movie Is A Treat For All Action Fans

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Starcast: Navdeep Kaler, Poonam Sood, Sardar Sohi, Ashish Duggal, Hobby Dhaliwal, Mukul Dev, Suvinder Vicky, Rahul Jungral, Lakha Lehri, Seema Kaushal & more.

Directed By: Harjit Singh Ricky 

Story By: Narinder Ambersaria 

We cannot compare the overwhelming feeling of watching a movie in a theatre, and because we have missed it a lot, the release of every new movie feels nothing less than a bliss. And to entertain its fans, Punjabi Film Industry is nowhere behind, Punjabi movies are releasing one after another, and we have just finished watching Ucha Pind. The film with a massive star cast released and invited all the action fans to the theatres. 

The film stars various artists of the Punjabi Including Navdeep Kaler, Poonam Sood, Sardar Sohi, Ashish Duggal, Hobby Dhaliwal, Mukul Dev, Suvinder Vicky, Rahul Jungral and Lakha Lehri, but undoubtedly, Navdeep Kaler is the hero of the movie who outshined the brightest. Apart from Navdeep, we also loved Rahul Jungraj in the character of Inspector Gurbaaz Singh. Though Rahul’s character didn’t play a major role in the story, it was written and executed in an excellent way that everytime he was on the screen, we had an idea about the importance of the scene. 

Now, talking about the plot, the story of the film, personally we are not satisfied and happy with it. The plot of the movie isn’t able to justify the time in which the story is based on. Also, the story of the film keeps you confused and thinking about weird questions like, ‘Am I the only one who’s not understanding what’s going on?’ and more. The screenplay writers surely have dedicated enough time to introduce characters one after another which surely is a good thing, but it affected the story adversely because you won’t know where the movie is heading towards. It was near the end of the first interval, when we expected that the story would finally start to make sense, but few characters made sure to twist our minds. Everytime we feel like we are finally getting to know what’s happening, a new character appeared on the screen. 

Also, we are talking about characters and artists, we need to especially talk about Poonam Sood, who played an artist named Nimmo. Poonam played the love interest of Navdeep Kaler, and was introduced in the very beginning of the movie. When we saw her on the screen for the first time in ‘Ucha Pind’, we were sure she was going to play an important role in the climax too. But what exactly happens is the total opposite and disappointing. There were some scenes in which both her character and dialogues felt totally irrelevant like when Navdeep’s aunt reached out to her and raised questions on her profession that should have hurt her ego and made her talk to Navdeep about it. But what she does is convince Navdeep to leave what he does (being a Goon and killing people) which makes no sense to us. But one character which won our hearts like usual was Sardar Sohi who is usually seen playing emotional and comic roles. Though we don’t doubt his skills and caliber, we were extremely astonished to see his amazing acting skills in this movie and the way he gripped on his violent and strong character. 

If we keep aside the fact that the story and screenplay of the movie were not at all promising, we can focus more on the amazing music of the movie. Yes, it’s the beautiful playlist which keeps you engaged in between the meaningless and difficult to understand scenes. Filmed by Navdeep and Poonam, the songs of the movie perfectly captured the chemistry between the two actors and we loved it too. And the other aspect which won a thumbs up is the cinematography of the movie. The shots and the scenes of the movie are bliss for the eyes, and especially the action sequences are shot at par excellence. As we mentioned in the title already, the movie is a treat for action lovers, because it is going to give you a good enough watch experience. 

So, if we talk about the overall movie, it is a story of Azaad, who is a typical angry young man, who is also absolutely romantic and sweet when around his lady love; Nimmo. But what brings him in between the rivalry of two strong leaders is something the movie is all about. If you’re a person who always keeps waiting for an action movie to hit the theatres, Ucha Pind is here for you. But apart from action, this movie also highlights some other strong messages also. It tells when hatred and the strongest feeling of revenge unites, they create destruction which is strong enough to destroy anything. Also, there are a few characters who will let you know once again that two faced and fake people are the ones who can turn the tables at any point, and end up making your life a disaster.

Overall, the movie failed to impress us as an entertainer, but if you love movies with this specific kind of genre in which there are good action, gunshots, revenge, rivalry and extremely unexpected twists, this movie can be a good one time watch for you. Because if you’re trying to distract yourself from your busy, stressed schedule, this movie will keep you engaged in thinking about what’s going to happen next. 

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