“I Attempted Suicide”: Uorfi Javed Talks About Her Childhood Days & Abuse

Uorfi Javed has undoubtedly become a fashion icon in India. Everybody knows that the actress and model has faced a lot of hatred and trolls to reach where she is today. She is known for her unique and jaw-dropping fashion sense as she is often seen creating outfits out of weird things. But things have never always been pretty and beautiful for Uorfi. In fact, she has faced a lot of abuse and assault in her life since her childhood days. 

Recently, Uorfi opened up and revealed the abuse she faced during her childhood days and the story is heart-breaking. In a recent interview with Dirty Magazine spoke about her abusive parents and struggles.

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Uorfi said, “He (Uorfi’s father) used to beat us a lot, used to beat my mother too. And the verbal abuse was a daily thing. Someone calling you a r*ndi every day, it f*cks* you up. I attempted suicide also a couple of times. I barely left the house, my father wouldn’t allow it. But I used to watch a lot of TV, and I was always interested in fashion. I didn’t have a lot of fashion knowledge, but I knew what I wanted to wear. I wanted to look different, I wanted to look the best. Like when I go to a party, everyone turns to look at me.”

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This is not the first time that Uorfi Javed has bravely opened up about the ugly things she has faced in life. Earlier also, the actress has been often seen addressing haters, trollers and threats.

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