Urfi Javed Says ‘Yahan Sex Ho Chuka Hai’ In BB OTT House. Video Inside

Urfi Javed Says ‘Yahan Sex Ho Chuka Hai’ In BB OTT House. Video Inside

Urfi Javed who is currently in the highlights as she has been evicted from the Bigg Boss OTT house was one of the most chirpy and entertaining contestants of BB. And there is something going viral that she said a day before her eviction. There is a video going viral on various social media platforms, in which she is seen saying that yahan Sex ho chuka hai.

In the video, she is first addressing the public as she says,

Jaisa ki maine aapko bataya yahan sex ho chuka hai Bigg Boss OTT ke ghar mein. Pata nahi aap ko dikhaya gaya hoga ki nahi. Lekin yahan sex ho chukka hai on camera. And because Pratik was looking at her while she was saying this, he asks her about this and this imitates a little but super entertaining conversation between them.

Pratik: What?

Urfi: Sabko pata hai yeh..Nahi batani thi kya yeh baat?

Pratik: What are you talking about?

Urfi: Pratik so rahe the kya jab yahan sex ho raha tha on camera?

Prateek: Maine ni dkeha yeh!

Urfi: Tune sex nhi dekha?  Yahan do bandar jab sex kar rahe the isne nahin dekha. Sex hote huye nahi dekha?

Pratik: Nahi

Urfi: Guys wahan par do Bandar jab sex kar rahe the, pata nahi Pratik kya kar raha tha.


This funny and entertaining side of Urfi and Pratik’s innocent reaction is winning the internet. But the fans are still confused as they aren’t able to decide that whether Urfi was really joking or she really meant what she said. 

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