Varun Dhawan Hearkening To Amrinder Gill’s Melodious Song Chal Jindiye

Amrinder Gill has finally made it to the music charts with his latest album ‘Judaa 3’. The album is packed with 8 songs and is a proper musical treat for the fans. Though the audio of each of the songs has been released, the video of only one track has been unveiled, which is ‘Chal Jindiye’.

The video featuring Amrinder Gill in his artist zone singing the beautiful track, the video of the same is trending on both music charts and video sharing online platforms.

It not only stole the hearts of the Punjabi audience and Punjabi celebrities but the song has touched the heartstrings of Bollywood celebrities as well.

Recently, handsome hunk of Bollywood Varun Dhawan posted a screenshot of his playlist, where the actor shows that he is listening to Amrinder Gill’s ‘Chal Jindiye’. The song is so soothing that there’s no point of not liking it. Varun Dhawan has already won many hearts with his looks and acting, this time he proves that he is a hardcore Punjabi music lover.

Meanwhile, it is not new that any Bollywood actor is channeling his inner Punjabi by listening to Punjabi music. Earlier Ayushmann Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal were also captured humming Punjabi songs.

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