Viral Video: Dilpreet Dhillon Faces Backlash For Passing Derogatory Remarks Against ‘Mirasi’ Community

Viral Video: Dilpreet Dhillon Faces Backlash For Passing Derogatory Remarks Against 'Mirasi' Community

Live shows are sometimes trouble making as many times artists have been caught getting into unwanted problems by making some unacceptable comments unknowingly. Now a video is getting viral of Dilpreet Dhillon in which he is seen making unwanted remarks on the ‘Mirasi’ community of people in a live show. 

A clip from a live show of Dilpreet Dhillon is going viral which has forced the audience to blame him for making derogatory remarks on the ‘Mirasi’ community. During a live show he said that he is not quite familiar with singing in the shows as he isn’t a Mirasi‘. “Eddan Live Ja Gauna Mainu Ghat Aunda Ae Thoda Ja, Kyonki Singer Thodi Ae. Mirasi Nhi Na Haiga, Jatt Ae”. Dhillon has many times revealed in the interviews that he was not basically destined to be a singer, it has just developed with the flow.

This casteist remark by the artist has made people disappointed and irked. People are keeping their points that ‘Mirasis’ are also humans, why should it be a matter of concern to what community they belong to. Whether you are of any high caste or community you should know how to respect every religion and community, afterall we all are human beings initially, stating the displeased audience. 

It has undoubtedly put Dilpreet Dhillon in trouble as people are arrogant and raising their voice against the artist for the disparaging comments. People are now outraged with the unpleasant comments by the artist. However, it is not sure whether the clip is from the latest live show or from an old one. 

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Mirasis are basically the genealogists and traditional singers who are considered as the artists of the low caste/community, usually in the regions of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan. 

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