VISA Refusal Rate In Canada More Than Approval Rate For The First Time Ever

VISA Refusal Rate In Canada More Than Approval Rate For The First Time Ever

Canada has revised its VISA refusal rates and the increment in them has caused havoc among international students aspiring to study in Canada. Students from all over the world prefer Canada to be the best option to pursue higher studies and for better employment opportunities, better wages and salary, better infrastructure and overall lifestyle. 

Canada is the prime destination of Punjabis to pursue their higher studies and even settle. These revised rates are going to have a huge impact on students coming to Canada for studies.

For the first time in history, the refusal rate for the Visas is higher than the approval rate. All over Canada, the refusal rate for Visas has been increased upto 60%.The refusal rate at the Quebec province has been increased to 90%. This means that only 1 out of every 10 applications will be approved for a Visa to Canada. 

The news has led to huge disappointment among the international students. A large section of international students in Canada are attracted from Punjab and the news is a let down for them too. The students had got their Approval-In-Principle (AIP) Study Visa in September 2020 but now the authorities are handing them refusals in bulk. 

Students are demanding Canada to let some loose in their Visa approval rules. The average refusal rate has been near about 30% in Canada and now a straight leap to 60% is shocking for everyone. Canadian government is not known to back off on their decisions but we hope the students’ demands are considered and Canadian government and students find a common ground. 

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