We Bet You Didn't know these facts about 'Sufna'

When we talk about a recent film from Pollywood Industry that made us cry, laugh, and feel the pure essence of love, the only film that comes to our mind is, Sufna. We know that you loved it, just the way we did, but we are sure you didn’t know these facts about it before.

Ranjit Bawa was the first choice for the character Tarsem.

Yes, that’s right, this funky and cool dude character was first offered to Ranjit Bawa. But he denied, feeling it’s not too perfect for him. And later this role was well performed by Jagjeet Singh.

Amrit Maan could have been a part of the film.

Jagjeet Singh’s character Tarsem was offered to Amrit Maan as well. But since he was not in the country, he couldn’t make it possible. But we must say, according to the personality of the character, Amrit Maan was a great choice indeed.

Roopi Gill was the first choice for the lead role opposite Ammy.

Yes, the first choice for the lead role was Roopi Vill. But we believe, we all loved Tanya in the character so much, that now it is almost next to impossible for us to imagine someone else playing that on screen 

Censor Alert!

We all know the film was a good try to highlight the social issues of inter-religion marriages. But fo you know, Censor Board actually made sure to eliminate ‘Quran’ from it.

A beautiful part of this film can be titled as a contribution of Tiktok.

Where everything in this film was beautiful and touching, the song, “Qubool A” had a really approaching and incredibly loving vibe in it. Sufi Singers Hashmat & Sultana sung this beautifully, but Jaani found and connected to her through the popular smartphone application, Tiktok.

The most entertaining parts of Bagga’s dialogues were created on sets.

Keeping the story and everything aside. The only thing we can never forget and even were looking forward to every moment while watching the film is the perfect comic timing and hilarious English of Bagga, played by Balwinder Bullet. Its really hard to believe that all those entertaining dialogues were not a part of the script, but improvised on sets. 

Child artist Rabab Kaur is the daughter of the Writer-Director of the film Jagdeep Sidhu.

Other than the story and amazing screenplay by Jagdeep Sidhu, we also loved his daughter Rabab Kaur, playing the character of Teg’s childhood. The story behind her casting is, Jagdeep couldn’t find any suitable child artist for the role, and that was the time when his daughter was on vacation from her school.

Sufna is directly connected and related to Gurnam Bhullar’s Pagal.

If you read all the thank giving and credits of the film, you must have noticed a special thanks to Gurnam Bhullar. As the story of the film is inspired by his song, Pagal.

Jaani & B Praak needed time.

No doubt Sufna’s music and every song is beautiful and really heart touching. But creating this was not a task of one day or overnight, it took one complete year to get ready and perfect.

From story to dialogues, characters, music, and songs, Sufna had everything mesmerizing. We really hope just like the film, you loved reading these hidden facts of the movie, which you couldn’t see on screen.

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