Telegram and Whatsapp both are two of the most preferred messaging platforms in India.

While Whatsapp has a bigger  customer base, it is not  necessarily better.

These 7 reasons prove why Telegram  is better than Whatsapp.

You can sign up to Telegram without a sim-card, which isn’t possible  in Whatsapp.

You can share your username to others without sharing contact details, using QR codes in Telegram.

Telegram has a special feature of automated bots, which make customer experience more efficient.

Telegram has attractive interactive emojis while Whatsapp has the same plain non-interactive ones.

Telegram also has an aggressive mode for groups with 200 members, which automatically filters spam messages.

Telegram offers Storage Usage feature to manage and handle the storage  in different ways.

Groups with 100 members can use “Topics” feature and text according to the topics discussed in the group.