As per NASA, the biggest Supermoon of 2022 is  set to appear shortly.

The supermoon will be visible on Wednesday, 13 July and will be seen for the next 3 days as well.

When a full moon is within 90 percent of the perigee or the point where the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, it is called Supermoon.

This phenomenon causes the moon to appear bigger and brighter than usual.

This year will witness a total of four full Supermoons with the third one being visible this week.

NASA stated that after July’s supermoon, the next will appear on 12 August.

The supermoon of July is also called Buck Supermoon as the new antlers of the buck or male deer grow out of their foreheads during  this time.

The supermoon is also popularly known as Thunder Moon as frequent thunderstorms are witnessed around the time.

The supermoon will begin to shine at 12:08 am IST (Thursday) in India.